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Someone in NYC please go to this event and report back everything!

One of the biggest bummers about leaving New York is that I am no longer just a 1 train away from the Barnard campus. Though we can stay connected through email, this amazing blog, and regional clubs, not being in … Continue reading

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New Rihanna/Chris Brown collaborations are creepy, dangerous

As my friends and blog readers know, I am outraged that Chris Brown was invited to perform at the Grammy’s and then took home an award. But what’s upsetting me even more is that not only has the music industry forgiven the … Continue reading

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Beyond Anna: How Barnard Graduation Speeches Saved My Life

Okay, that is somewhat of an exaggeration. Barnard graduation speeches didn’t save my life per se, but they did play an instrumental role in helping me survive my one year as a lawyer. If the number of hits Anna’s speech has … Continue reading

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Barnard, In Pictures

Thank you, Bianca Livi, for bringing my attention to this most important of Barnard matters.

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Conspiracy Unmasked: Glittery Thong Is The Key To Understanding New Barnard Agenda To Turn Us All Into Successful Businesswomen

Back when we were in school I remember thinking about the differences between the Barnard and Columbia girls. From our perspective, we were more interesting, had cooler outfits, and obviously were doing more for the progress of women everywhere. From … Continue reading

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What is Chris Brown doing at the Grammy’s?

I was about to go on a rant about how messed up it is that Chris Brown is being welcomed back (was he ever really shown the door?) into the music industry, and how appalled I am that he was … Continue reading

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Another Strong, Beautiful, Barnard Woman Worth Knowing About

Sadly we are only learning about Norma Merrick Sklarek (BC ’50) upon her passing yesterday, but as the first female black architect, she is certainly deserving of a few words on this most illustrious of publications, the Barnard Class of … Continue reading

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