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More Changes Coming To Barnard Campus

Image via heintges If you’ve visited Barnard in the past couple of years, you were probably struck by the presence of a new, strong, beautiful Barnard building: the Diana Center. Gone are the days of Chicken Caesar Wraps and tuna … Continue reading

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Another Barnard Pioneer: Winifred Edgerton Merrill, Barnard founder, and first woman to receive a PhD in Mathematics

It is hard to imagine a world without Barnard, but before its founding, American women had few options for pursuing higher education. One of these women was Barnard founder, Winifred Edgerton Merrill. After graduating from Wellesley College and working at … Continue reading

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Highlights From The Front Lines Of The “War On Women”

Image via As you may have noticed, something really weird is happening. One morning we woke up and whether women should have access to contraception became a legitimate question. Then we found out Texas passed a law requiring women … Continue reading

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Spotlight On A Barnard Blogger: Rivka Friedman’s Not Derby Pie

Image via  Eating a little too much take-out lately? In the mood for something other than a brown rice Alaska roll? Whether you like cooking delicious food or just eating it, classmate Rivka Friedman’s Not Derby Pie will inspire you to put … Continue reading

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Columbia students ensure Obama will never want to speak to them

As you may have heard, Columbia students aren’t happy about Obama coming to Barnard, and in the grand tradition of standing up for what you believe in, they’ve taken to writing anonymous, aggressive, sexist comments all over Bwog about the injustice of … Continue reading

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Public reacts to Obama announcement, seems a bit jealous

Everyone affiliated with Barnard is thrilled about the President coming to speak at graduation, but some reactions outside our community have been a bit less enthusiastic.  In a time when women are being forced to defend basic rights, like control … Continue reading

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UPDATED: Holy Obama! My obsession with Barnard graduation speeches just got Presidential

Being on the west coast, I tend to find out about early morning events several hours after they happen. So this morning I woke up to literally dozens of emails following President Deborah Spar’s announcement that President Obama will be … Continue reading

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