Barnard Events I Am Going To* This Spring

That's me. I'll be speaking on a panel at Barnard next month.

That’s me. I’ll be speaking on a panel at Barnard next month.

Big news, New Yorkers! I have moved back to the East Coast, which means that I no longer need to tell you about the events I want to go to, I can tell you about the events I am going to go to.* Exciting stuff. Here’s what looks good to me in the next couple of months.

1. On Human Bondage in Ancient Egypt seems like an appropriate lecture to attend on the third day of Passover. (Anybody know if they timed it that way on purpose?) I’ll either be the girl sitting alone with a bagel or the girl with her family and a matzo sandwich. March 28, 2013, 12:00 p.m., 101 Barnard Hall.

2. Do you feel like you’re writing a million feminist tweets a day but they’re just not changing anything? Maybe you should join me at the Barnard Center for Research on Women’s Future of Online Feminism and find out what more you can be doing to help the cause. April 8, 2013, 7:00pm, Sulzberger Parlor.

3. It hasn’t been formally announced yet (and is probably still subject to change), but mark your calendars because I have been invited to speak on a panel about women writers. Not sure exactly what I’ll be talking about but I can assure you it will be life changing.  Details to follow! April 22, 2013, 6:00pm.

*FYI: This is in no way a guarantee of my attendance, but I do mean it when I say I want to.


About Deena Shanker

Deena is a writer living in New York. She is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Law School and Barnard College.
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