Say Hello To Leelee Fredman (BC ’34)

Meet Leor Leba Fredman, daughter of BC ’05 classmate Sara (Sebrow) and her husband, Elly Fredman. Those who meet her rave that Leelee, as her friends call her, is both “beautiful” and “full of poise,” making her the perfect addition to the Barnard College Class of 2034.

Love the onesie? You can find more Barnard baby gear here.

Love the baby? Please direct modeling inquiries to

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Flashback to Barnard 1954: Posture Classes in Lefrak

More of these LIFE Magazine photographs available on Retronaut.

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Alumnae Events I Wish I Could Go To

Whitefish Point Beach, Lake Superior

I’ve talk about this before: I love San Francisco (the weather! the food! the beach!) but I miss a lot about New York, including being able to participate in Barnard alumnae activities. And there is no shortage of great upcoming events hosted by our alma mater.

Let’s start with the basics.  On Thursday, June 28, recent graduates (I assume we’re still included in that) are invited to join President Spar for a cocktail on the Green Roof of the Diana Center.  I have never been to this Green Roof and I have not yet had the pleasure of having a drink with PresSpar, but this sounds like a classy event and I’m sorry I’ll miss it.

Next, if you happen to be available on Wednesday afternoons, I highly recommend you join The Continuum Project for a guided tour of Monet’s Garden at the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx.  Even if you’re not technically available, for only $25, it’s worth taking a break from work and enjoying the summer. July 11 at 2:30 p.m., more information available here.

If you feel like you’re ready to take your relationship with Barnard to the next level, it might be time to plan a vacation together. Barnard’s Travel Department (who knew?!) will be taking alum and their families on a week-long voyage on the Great Lakes at the end of June.  Aboard the Yorktown, laketrotters will sail from Chicago to Wisconsin to Michigan to Ontario.  There’s even a day camp program for the kids.  If you were looking to squeeze in a family vacation and a college reunion this summer, here’s the perfect way to do both.

And now for the surprise ending: a Barnard event even I can attend! This fall, Professor Mary Gordon will host “a shocking exploration of sex, death, money, love, marriage, and terrorism through the modern novel” — online! Registration opens later this month, stay tuned.

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Classmate With A Cool Job: Samantha Rebovich

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For us urban dwellers, the idea of working with our hands, digging in the dirt, and looking for pieces of ancient history can sound like either a dream come true or a total nightmare. For Samantha Rebovich, it’s just a day’s work.

As an archaeologist/anthropologist for the National Parks in Antigua, Samantha is creating the policies necessary to protect Antigua’s heritage sites and historical buildings. Even if she doesn’t get to the beach on a regular basis (twice a month is a lot for her), she still gets to eat local dishes with wild names like “pepper pot” and “saltfish breakfast,” not to mention using her Barnard-trained mind and a sense of adventure to help the people of Antigua.

To read more about Samantha’s experiences, her favorite Barnard alum (hint: it’s not Martha Stewart, Joan Rivers, or Cynthia Nixon!), and tips for a cheap(-er) trip to Antigua, check out the full interview!

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Reunion Flashback: Barnard Cover Girls Plus One

It’s not our reunion year, but as other classes will be gathering together on campus next weekend to remember the good times and maybe drink like they’re still in college, I thought it would be a nice chance to remember our reunion. And also a great opportunity to post a good picture of myself. (Hey, you gotta take ’em when they come.)

You may recognize this photo from the cover of the Summer 2010 issue of Barnard Magazine, but for some reason we will never know (cough cough boobs cough cough), the lovely Bianca Livi was cropped from the photo. Here we can relive the moment in all of its beautiful, cleavage-filled glory.

(And if you’re going to be in New York, it’s not too late to buy tickets to the Young Alumni Intrepid Party happening June 1!)

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A Graduation Day Drinking Game In Honor of the President

After months of anticipation, the Barnard College Class of 2012 Commencement, featuring the one and only President of the United States, is almost upon us. (Latest info available here.)  Many will watch at viewing parties around the country, others will see the live feed at their home computers, and of course, there are the lucky few who will be in the audience on Lehman Lawn.  Wherever you’re watching, grab a beverage (alcoholic preferred, caffeinated allowed) and play along to the Obama Comes To Barnard drinking game, created just for this very special event.

The rules are simple. Every time the President does one of these things, take a sip.

1. Mentions Sasha and/or Malia. Take two sips if he mentions them coming to Barnard.

2. Says something inspirational. Sip twice if it brings tears to your eyes. Sip three times if you find yourself shouting approval to an empty room.

3. Makes a joke about being scared of his mother-in-law.

4. Claims he was planning on announcing his support for gay marriage at Barnard, but Joe Biden ruined it for everyone.

5. Tells a badass story about Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. (You can drink for a non-badass story, too, if such a thing exists.)

6. Refers to a famous Barnard alum like Martha Stewart or Margaret Mead. Take two sips if it’s a Barnard alum whose name you don’t recognize.

7. Says that women “are not a special interest group.”

8. Uses the word “slut.” Take two sips if it has nothing to do with birth control. Take three sips if you are one. Take four sips if you weren’t until last night.

9. Sings Al Green. Take a giant swig if he sings Suzanne Vega.

10. If he makes it through the whole speech without discussing Mitt Romney, Republicans, or the War on Women, drain your glass and pour yourself another.

Happy Graduation Day!

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Get To Know Your Class Officer: President Jessica Lian Pace

Every team needs its fearless leader, and I am excited to introduce the Class of 2005 to ours. Jessica Lian Pace is our Class President, an art aficionado, and, like the rest of us, a big Martha Stewart fan.

Living in New York with her husband, taking awesome trips to Turkey, and now getting profiled on this internationally acclaimed blog (we have readers in 18 countries!), you might just say that Jessica has got it made. Not to mention, she has really pretty hair.

So what can we expect from President Pace? Read the full interview to find out!

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